Wednesday, September 8, 2010

=( Abandoned my blog for so long.
I'm just too lazy to update it. Hoho!
Hooray!!! Having sem break now.
Must enjoy till the MAX!!!! =)
I will update it oftenly okay? * herm herm *

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Memorable moments ♥

Our trip planned successfully! Here we go, let the picture to tell the story. =)                                                    

Our destinations-->Penang Island. It is a long journey for sure.6 hours o.o!But still had lot of fun in the car. In order to kill the time what we did is Chit Chat.Yea!This is the best solution way okay? Hehe. Can you imagine how the situation will be when all of us laugh out loud? hahahaha.Our conversations is funny enough due to humors ppl like us!Hehehe. We can laugh till the car is gonna burst. Like no other business.Haha. the chit chat sessions between us.                                                                                          

All credit to our dear driver-Ma'am Ah Looi a.k.a Aduhhh =p. Hoho! Is tiring we know. Thank You! =)

Chit chit chat chat hi hi ha ha all the way =D

Reached reached reached finally!

Niceeeee Picture.At last our cool fren aduhhh is willing to take pic with us.Hehe

So early got meteor? Think too much. Just poining for fun. Blueeek =p

Yeahhhhh hooo xD

The footstep Is mine! : "Faster capture it!! before get destroy by the small wave.Hehe" 

Banana boat!   it.

Batu Feringgi *3 8* =p

On the way to the food heaven! After playing around at the beach is time for us to recharge our energy! Food is the cure for it. No doubt.Nyek nyek 

So little food? Enough for so many persons?Patient patient

Full! Hehe. I love to see the table is full with foodddd....emmm ...slurrrrpp slurrrpp ='P

Among all the food. I this the most.. Yummyy.. : "Hello,Uncle pls delivery one now pls!" xDDD

Cheeseee.....Sweet smile we know.Hahahaha 
I'm so Glad that I able to join this trip.
Good job!organizer !Clap clap clap.
although the hotel is a bit sucky.Hehe. 
Hope that we can go for many many other trip in future time.
14th-16th May,2010

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

经典 =p

by 郑中基


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Makan makan ^^ ♥

I had a productive day!!!!
What I've done is........made curry puff our self!
YES! INDEED! Buatan kita sendiri =D *kita sendiri = many participant! hahahaha!xD
Anyway, I'm good helper okay? haha.
I ♥ bake so much! Erm..I think I'm going to buy recipe book!
I want to learn how to make cake, tart, biscuit n so many thing else! ♥♥
I got interested on that! Seriously. ^^ *budak ni suka makan, suka buat something special haha!*

This is the first time we try to make curry puff our self. It's really tasty. no doubt!
One thing I have to mention here is, my Lim's family--> *ladies* talented in cooking.hahaha!Including me? No idea. Maybe........YES. xDDD
They've been trained since budak kecil.
Almost all my Lim's auntie can cook very very well. ^^V

Herm herm!! Looks good right? =p lalalala

In the progress progress. excited hoho! *wink wink*

Hoho~! Since still left some flour+planta, don't waste it! "RECYCLE" ^^
Lim Family Love Life ♥

Tadaa~!!! Done done =)

Yummy yummy =p

Next time try other pula.Nyek nyek. ^^ ♥
Thanks Shi Gu Gu! =)

Thursday, April 29, 2010

早安。晨之美 =)

早安 早安 早安 早安 ♥
呵呵. 好久好久 没那么早起身了
每天在家 吃吃吃 没运动 怎么行?
昨晚睡前 兴致勃勃 要姑姑今天叫醒我 因为... 因为...
我要去 晨跑 !! 对 !晨跑! ^^
一个人去,很semangat吧? =P
回到家 准备 早餐 面包+汉堡肉 再来杯热茶 ♥
我的人生是美好的 每天都会是个好的开始
一年之计在于春 一日之计在于晨 ♥
享受 生活
开心也得过一天 伤心也得过一天
我选择 开开心心 地过 ♥
又看透了 一些事 现在 还不算迟
防备心 何必那么强? 并没人会伤害你
那面墙 太厚了 没人进到 没有人
曾经一度 疑惑 懊恼 对人好 人家并没看在眼里 何必 那么傻呢?
懂了 对人好 并不是 要求得到一样的回报
现在 相信 只要 真诚的对待人 他们会感受到的 =)
其实 每个人都感受得到 只是 表面上他们不去 承认 哈哈 这固执的人类
还有 我不会讨厌 不会恨 那些不了解我的人
生气别人 就等于 拿别人的过错来惩罚自己
聪明的我 是不会做这些 傻事的 lalalalala

注:你不认识这人 并不代表 她是虚伪的 Whatever she wrote, she really MEAN it. ^^ ♥

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Jobless people's Masterpiece =)


Yes! I'm just too free.You have no no no idea! =P For those (G13 members) who are not in the video, sorry yaa. I wanted to insert the pic that took at class. But too bad! I straightly save from FB but its become Small n Blur. I don't know why. =( Anyway,love this video yaaa! Come on! Like it!Hoho. ^^ ♥

Yeahoo! Hoooliday ♥

I'm gonna enjoy this holiday very very well for sure. =P
Hoho! I had a eventful busy day yesterday.

Yea,I drove to college for my very very first time.Of course for other people is worthless to keep mentioning.

But! I do.bluekkk! Cause this is my first time to drive so so far.Indeed!Really farrr.arhhhh! Is tiring seriously!

I seldom drive long distance by myself. Don't talk about KL even Klang also just drive a few times.And my sense of direction is really hopeless! hoho.So embarrassing! =P

And this really a unforgettable experiences for me. lalala.^^♥

Of course I drove some wrong way,and mistaken road!But no worries cause I can read MALAY. And I able to handle that. =P

No need to worry get lost all you need is fill your tank full and prepare your cellphone beside. Google maps can helps! Or pay a cab ask them to lead you. If the situation really that bad! Call 999.No problems! xDDD

See! I can list out the way of solution.Hoho.My holy Papa! No need to worry I will get lost. =) Just that I will take a bit longer time to reach my destination! haha. Of course drive safe!

One thing I have to say. The road signboard is really.......x.x Come on! Do some improvement on that! It is not user friendly.

I'm not trying to show off or whatever just to share!share share! you know? sharing is caring ^^

There's nothing to so proud of indeed! just felt happy that I able to solve thing myself! such as I don't know the road so I Google it the day before, do some research ask people about that. =) At least I put effort on it~! I did! ♥

人生 就好像驾车 来到交叉点 分叉路口 你得做决定 做错决定 别后悔 因为 这是你自己 选的做的 你可以回头 若你要 只是 在回到原点的这条路 有点漫长 不要气馁 不要放弃 你可以回到你要的 只是在于 你肯不肯 花点心思 用点耐性 ♥

# 喜欢 放"♥" 不懂为何 就是喜欢看到它 它让整个句子看起来 很有亲切感.呵呵.I'm weird blueekkk! Just being myself! ^^

Thank YOU.GB♥